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2018-01-15 15:19:18 -0500 Pergunta comentada Fedora installation problem can't boot windows and can't login

Do you still have files into /boot/efi/EFI/Microsoft/Boot ?

What is the result of sudo os-prober, here is my output (2 instances of Windows) :

/dev/sda1@/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi:Windows Boot Manager:Windows:efi
/dev/sdb2@/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi:Windows Boot Manager:Windows1:efi
2017-04-26 16:42:59 -0500 Respondeu uma pergunta How do I change Fedora 25 SSH port?

In which config file did you modify the port ? You mentioned /etc/ssh/ssh_config (so the client) and you restarted the server. As pointed by Florian, you should edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

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2017-04-20 10:48:20 -0500 Resposta comentada How do you turn off the dark theme in LibreOffice ?

I edited my answer above to get enough room.

2017-04-09 17:41:35 -0500 Pergunta comentada How can I mount a Fed25 bootable disk on another Fedora 25 system so I can see the root f/s ?

Do you use LVM? What is the output of lsblk ?

You can use the gui application 'Disk' to display your disks/partitions and mount them directly.

2017-04-05 16:51:14 -0500 Pergunta comentada How do you turn off the dark theme in LibreOffice ?

It's possible to run a application with the desire theme, from a terminal it would be :

GTK_THEME=Adwaita:light libreoffice

And for the desktop shortcut :

sudo vi /usr/share/applications/libreoffice-startcenter.desktop

and update the line Exec :

Exec=env GTK_THEME=Adwaita:light libreoffice %U

EDIT : The command env runs a program in a modified environment (man page definition). It is mandatory otherwise the short-cut won't be accessible without env into a .desktop file.

And here is the definition of the variable from gtk+ :

GTK_THEME.  If set, makes GTK+ use the named theme instead of the theme that is specified by the gtk-theme-name setting. This is intended mainly for easy debugging of theme issues. It is also possible to specify a theme variant to load, by appending the variant name with a colon, like this: GTK_THEME=Adwaita:dark.

It seems not possible to read the content of the variable because it is used only once for launching the program. Usually, we use theses commands to display the variables : env, set or printenv.

2017-04-05 15:50:58 -0500 Pergunta comentada Fedora impossible boot no /dev/fedora/root

On my fedora (LVM+Luks) :

ls -l /dev/fedora/root 
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 7  5 avril 08:47 /dev/fedora/root -> ../dm-2


sudo dmsetup info /dev/dm-2
Name:              fedora-root
State:             ACTIVE
Read Ahead:        256
Tables present:    LIVE
Open count:        1
Event number:      0
Major, minor:      253, 2
Number of targets: 1
UUID: LVM-4xxxxxxxx

so it's my LVM partition used for my fedora system (root).

2017-02-28 16:53:44 -0500 Pergunta comentada "dnf install" tab complete broken after update (Fedora 25)

Have you tried dnf install bash-completion ?

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2017-01-16 06:24:47 -0500 Respondeu uma pergunta Windows 10 not showing booting, grub

First check if you are in this case : firmware RAID on UEFI

Then, have you try to run this command : sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/efi/EFI/fedora/grub.cfg That should automatically regenerate the grub menu with the different entries found.

2016-08-30 13:19:44 -0500 Pergunta comentada Fedora 24 Scientific on VirtualBox problem guest additions

In a terminal : sudo dnf install kernel-devel kernel-headers

2016-08-30 12:22:08 -0500 Resposta comentada Macbook 5,2 Trackpad problems

Hi, I haven't experienced any issue using both drivers. Just, the system determines which driver to use and to switch between them could be tricky. On one of my systems, the touchpad uses synaptics and for the mouse libinput (I don't know why, but works flawless). Regards.

2016-08-29 08:45:25 -0500 Respondeu uma pergunta How do I enable touchpad while typing?

With the libinput driver :

In a terminal xinput list => to get the id number of your touchpad. Example : ↳ ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad id=12

then xinput list-props 12 => to display all options with 12 as the id from previous step. Check this line libinput Disable While Typing Enable (292): 1

To change the value : xinput set-prop 12 292 0 => no reboot required. Just test it.

2016-08-29 08:04:55 -0500 Respondeu uma pergunta Macbook 5,2 Trackpad problems


Two drivers can manage the touchpad :

  • Synaptics : smooth behaviour.
  • libinput (more recent driver, less options) : fast moves even if with low sensibility set.

You may use the second one. To check it, run in a terminal : grep -e "Using input driver" ~/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log and an output can be : (II) Using input driver 'synaptics' for 'ETPS/2 Elantech Touchpad'

One solution :

  • Install synaptics : sudo dnf install xorg-x11-drv-synaptics
  • Then remove libinput : sudo dnf remove xorg-x11-drv-libinput
  • and reboot.
2016-08-17 10:06:44 -0500 Pergunta comentada How to restore Windows 10 boot entry after installing Fedora 24

Seems 2 bugs have been reported : Common F24 bugs

2016-08-17 09:33:58 -0500 Respondeu uma pergunta Allow ssh after installing fail2ban in Fedora 24


Well, there are 2 topics sshd and fail2ban. Assuming your ssh server is correctly configured, you have only a remote access (ssh) to the machine and your ip has been banned, you have to wait until the end of the bantime (default 3600 = 1 hour) or use the recovery access of your provider to access to your vps/dedicated server.

  • Did you recover you access ? If so, add this : ignoreip = {and add your ip} in /etc/fail2ban/jail.local in order to avoid other bans.
  • If you need to unban an ip from the remote machine : fail2ban-client set sshd unbanip {ip address}
  • For ssh, do you use a certificate ? If no, the directive PasswordAuthentication has to be set to yes (to allow connection with a password) in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.
  • If you want to test a ssh connection, keep your current terminal with ssh and open a new one to test the connection. Like this, if something goes wrong, you are still able to change the settings with the first terminal.

If you need more assistance, please detail what was running well and the issues. Hope that helps.

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2016-04-15 11:00:11 -0500 Respondeu uma pergunta how to see background actions in terminal?

Try jobs to see all jobs and jobs -r to see only running jobs in the background. That will give you the status of the running jobs (stopped, ongoing, finished...) but not the progress.

Here are the common other commands to play with foreground/background :

  • Place in background : bg (run), Ctl+Z (suspend), & at the end of a command line (run), nohup (run and not linked to the console)
  • Foreground : fg (or fg %2 ...)
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2016-03-21 13:19:23 -0500 Pergunta comentada Network Card activation

Your command is not complete : sudo systemctl start network

You can replace start by status to get more information.

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2016-02-24 02:52:07 -0500 Respondeu uma pergunta can't install HandBrake-0.9.5-Fedora_GUI_i686.rpm on fedora 23

The package you try to install is outdated (fc14). The easy way to install HandBrake is to use the repo of negativo17 and you can find all details here :

Only two commands :

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo=


sudo dnf -y install HandBrake-gui HandBrake-cli

The packager provides great support if needed.

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2016-01-26 06:06:46 -0500 Respondeu uma pergunta Usb netinstall iso won't boot.

You can try an alternative command :

sudo livecd-iso-to-disk --format --reset-mbr --efi Fedora-Workstation-netinst-x86_64-23.iso /dev/sdX1

(package livecd-tools if it is not installed).

More information : how to create a live usb

2015-12-30 11:50:41 -0500 Pergunta comentada Can't install mesa in Fedora 23

A good start to find a package is to use sudo dnf search mesa that will search into the package names and descriptions.

2015-12-30 11:41:31 -0500 Pergunta comentada No password screen luks

You can try to update your bios too.

2015-12-29 17:05:18 -0500 Resposta comentada yum and dnf broken?

Great ! Thanks for the feedback.

2015-12-28 19:12:12 -0500 Respondeu uma pergunta yum and dnf broken?

Please run locate and you should see the files's list of this library in /usr/lib64/

1- If no any file : you need to download libidn-1.32-1.fc23.x86_64.rpm.

Then run sudo rpm -U libidn-1.32-1.fc23.x86_64.rpm to install/upgrade it.

2- If exists but not, you need to create a symbolic link with this command : ln -s /path/to/file /path/to/symlink so ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/

2015-12-24 08:08:15 -0500 Pergunta comentada Can't mount LVM partition after resizing

What are the exact steps you followed ? Seems only a part has been done. After resize2fs, you need to run lvreduce. Futhermore, if you shrink to much the partition, e2fsck will complain, need to iterate to find the right size with lvextend. Can give you my notes when I did it.

2015-12-22 05:22:22 -0500 Pergunta comentada My Gnome Files doesn't have Recent Items, Computer, or Network.

Have you tried to reinstall Files ? sudo dnf reinstall nautilus

2015-12-19 11:33:20 -0500 Respondeu uma pergunta download package for different kernel

Try this command line :

sudo dnf --releasever=22 --repofrompath temp-f22-repo, --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=temp-f22-repo download <package>

and the <package>fc22.x86_64.rpm will be downloaded on your current folder. (replace download by --showduplicates list as you did to see the package list)

Another way is simply to open the page in your browser and click on the packages you want to download.

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2015-12-09 09:36:42 -0500 Pergunta comentada Games I can play in Fedora?

Maybe you can give a try to the Fedora's Games. It's a live dvd/usb, ideal for testing.

2015-12-09 07:43:29 -0500 Resposta comentada How can I install software in my Fedora 23?

Look at this post, there are full details to deal with codecs. Note the real name of Videos is Totem.

2015-12-09 06:06:21 -0500 Resposta comentada How can I install software in my Fedora 23?

In Software, search for gstreamer and install all of these gstreamer packages.

2015-12-09 05:56:56 -0500 Resposta comentada How can I install software in my Fedora 23?

ok, which codecs are you looking for? for which apps?