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How to properly install Fedora 23 using SSD+HDD setup

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I have a Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 with 32 GB SSD and 500 GB HDD. What is the best partitioning scheme for this setup? Should I simply mount / at SSD and /home at HDD using ext4 filesystem?

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Hello joperp,

I just have a very similar setup. I will be speaking about my sole experience with this matter. I had tried three mainly schemes:

1) LVM adding both SSD and HDD 2) SSD with btrfs / and HDD with xfs /home 3) SSD with ext4 / and HDD with ext4 /home

To be very honest, the LVM showed poor performance when compared with the other two options. I read somewhere else that LVMs cannot distinguish between fast and slow drivers. I don't have enough knowledge to confirm this statement neither reject. But I noticed this in practice in daily-usage.

Options 2) and 3) were easy for me to manage/understand and always presented good performances. I would suggest the 3) option if you want to go safe. But I like to support new technologies such as btrfs filesystem. However, I havent tried that in Fedora, only in opensuse and I liked that very much at the time.

I am using the 3) option here with my f23 in my main notebook. No problems whatsoever.

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