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I had problems installing Fedora 20 on Macbook Pro 5,5 via both VirtualBox and as dual boot on a partition. After loading the initial text prompts, the Fedora installation appeared to stop, with a blank screen. I determined the problem to be incompatible graphics.

Refind/Refit are not needed if the mac is running 10.9.

Use Disk Utility to make the size of your main/boot HDD smaller by >30MB, to have enough free space for installation, additional software and future kernel updates.

Hold left Alt/Option key during boot. Insert installation media.

When installation text prompt appears, choose Troubleshooting, then Choose basic graphics mode. You should be able to continue installation, though you will not have a wireless connection, so please connect to LAN via ethernet.

(See elsewhere for instructions to install wireless drivers for your particular wireless radio chipset.)