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2014-05-27 15:33:57 -0500 answered a question HDMI not outputting

Actually I have the same problem with Lenovo Z500. 4 days ago my HDMI port worked. When I insert the monitor into HDMI it will get the signal that it was inserted but right after that it goes with "No signal". xrandr is not displaying any HDMI device only LVDS and VGA

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2013-12-18 14:47:26 -0500 asked a question SELinux is alerting everything after upgrade

I upgraded today to F20 using fedup 0.8 and after reboot to my F20 SELinux alerted about 60 warnings that programs like /usr/bin/Xorg are trying to do something pretty usual. I can't find solution another then every alert make as a new allowed policy for SELinux.