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2018-01-20 13:31:01 -0500 commented answer "dnf install" tab complete broken after update (Fedora 25)

This is terrible advice.

2015-07-29 09:29:47 -0500 answered a question libguestfs: error: extlinux: feature 'extlinux' is not available in this build of libguestfs

See: syslinux is not built for ppc64le.

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2014-08-11 06:16:05 -0500 answered a question golang-libguestfs blocks F20 update

The reason is because golang is broken in Fedora 20 and above. Therefore it is not possible to build the golang subpackage. To fix this do:

yum remove golang-guestfs

and continue with the update as normal.

There is no Provides/Obsolete because there is no replacement for this package at this time. You can help by fixing golang ( ).

2011-12-07 07:57:53 -0500 answered a question virt-top csv output format changed

A few related issues/answers:

  1. We didn't change the format from period to comma. You could try setting LANG=C since it may be that your locale causes commas to be displayed for decimal points. (To see what I mean by these locales, try: LANG=es_ES virt-top --script --csv /dev/stdout)
  2. Don't use tr "," "\n" to parse CSV. It is not a robust way to parse any CSV file. Use a proper CSV parser such as spreadsheet/database, or Perl/Python/Ruby library, or /usr/bin/csvtool.
  3. We could add a flag to change the separator, but given (1) I don't think that's necessary to solve your problem.