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2013-10-24 03:45:00 -0500 answered a question ruby rails

Installing different Ruby versions is quite easy.

You can use RVM (Ruby Version Manager) to manage these.

You could try Ruby 1.8.6 to run your scripts from ~2008. But 1.8.* is outdated and you should better migrate your application to 1.9.*

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For support use this plattform!

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2013-10-24 03:23:19 -0500 answered a question have radeon hd 6450 video card-how do i install catalyst driver in fedora 19?
  1. Please don't blame Fedora for AMD's fault.
  2. Neither akmod-catalyst nor kmod-catalyst worked for me with GDM / Gnome in F19. But you are free to try it out by yourself. (Maybe you should use a display manager with less 3D and acceleration magic. For example F19 Xfce.)

    sudo yum install akmod-catalyst

You should wait until AMD offers a newer version of the catalyst driver software.

The stable version is 13.4 release 6 months ago.

You could dry to use 13.11 Beta, but also this driver won't make it for me.

Catalyst 13.4 works fine with Fedora 18.

2013-10-21 03:16:51 -0500 commented question fedora 18: on boot bubble loads and blinks, then blank screen, not even cursor or anything

Does any if error appear if you press enter once while booting?

2013-10-18 05:23:03 -0500 answered a question change DM from gdm to lightdm-kde

Use the tool "system-switch-displaymanager".

system-switch-displaymanager <your dm>
2013-10-18 05:21:58 -0500 answered a question Gnome has graphic glitches and no HDMI sound on Fedora 19 with a Radeon HD6870

There were no solution for me. Using fglrx doesn't work because the latest driver for the latest Xorg ist beta and not stable to use.

Running Fedora 18 were my solution.

I'm sorry for this, but ATI is just that slow while developing drivers for Linux.

2013-10-17 16:08:10 -0500 answered a question How can I debug rpm install errors

The command "default" is not found. You have to take a look at the spec file.

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2013-10-17 11:48:07 -0500 commented question problem installing videoplayers in fedora 19

What DE are you using? Is your default player Totem? And what does mean "decode the default player"? Are you missing codecs?

2013-10-17 10:41:34 -0500 answered a question Problem installing Fedora 19

I heard sometimes about this issue.

You can use Fedora XFCE or something, Gnome is a little bit tricky if the graphics aren't working well.

2013-10-17 10:37:46 -0500 commented question FC18/19 cannot eject installation CD

--eject switch is not documented. What about eject && reboot?

2013-10-17 10:34:42 -0500 answered a question fedora 15 eclipse crash problem

Fedora 15 reached end of life, you should update to the latest Fedora. This Bug is pretty old and Eclipse is working fine for me.

2013-10-17 10:31:04 -0500 answered a question Fedora 15 64 bit install error

Fedora 15 is out of support. You should use Fedora 19 or at least 18.

And the mirrors of Fedora 15 are no more available.

2013-10-17 08:59:40 -0500 answered a question Need to install raedon 7700 Graphics driver on fedora 19

The propritary driver is not stable at the moment. Actually is doesn't work for me, because it killed my X and I needed to a lot of work make it work again.

You should use the free drivers until the release final version for the latest Xorg.

And you should always use a RPM package to savely remove and update your driver.

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2013-10-16 09:13:26 -0500 answered a question Cannot change icons using Gnome Tweak Tools on Fedora 19

Have you tried to move your icons to /usr/share/icons? This worked for me.

2013-10-16 09:10:41 -0500 answered a question share not working

The API has been replaced by

Old clients will stop working.