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From what I have read, ifup and ifdown are associated with NetworkManager (which uses different configuration files). I have NetworkManager disabled and I am using systemd-networkd, which is supposed to use ip link.

2017-05-25 12:38:14 -0500 asked a question Bringing UP static Interface on Fedora 25

I am trying to add a LAN to Fedora 25. I disabled NetworkManager and network, and enabled systemd-networkd all using systemctl. In /etc/systemd/network/, I invoked DHCP client; this worked, including DNS, and I could get to the Internet through enp1s0.

Then I tried to set up the static interface for the LAN, enp4s0. I used the ip link command to set the IP address and bring it up. It worked and survived the reboot. However, when I configured /etc/systemd/network/ to invoke the DHCP Server, it did not work. I saw that the interface still had the IP address, but the interface was DOWN. Subsequently I have not been able to get the interface UP. Ultimately I would like to have the ISC-DHCP Server on enp4s0.

This is my first experience with a static interface so I need to know what to look for to fix enp4s0 or a really good source of detailed information. Everything that I have read makes it look like the static interface should be easy to bring UP. I want to use systemd-networkd and ISC-DHCP, but I have to get enp4s0 UP.

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Thank you so much. I did read that, but I did not understand it to apply to my question. Again, thanks.

2016-09-16 12:18:38 -0500 asked a question How to tie dhcp-server to a specific ethernet interface

I am trying to build a router in a Fedora24 computer. The box has three Ethernet interfaces: (1) enp1s0 -- Internet, (2) enp4s0 -- LAN, (3) enp5s0 -- No Connection. I have downloaded dhcpd (dhcp-server 4.3.4-3). After reading the man pages, I don't see a way to tie dhcpd to connect only to (2) enp4s0 (LAN). I need someone to explain this to me or direct me to the information. Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for the answers. The nmap was very helpful.

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2013-10-10 08:58:20 -0500 asked a question Fedora19 scrambled login screen

The Fedora19 LiveCD functioned correctly. The LiveCD installed to the hard drive correctly. After booting from the hard drive the login screen looks and functions correctly. After updating to kernel 3.11.2-201.fc19x86_64, the login screen is distorted with large shaded triangles. After logging in, the first screen is also scrabbled. If I bring up the shell Terminal, everything straightens up.

What could be causing this?