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I used Fedora Core from version 7. I've never reinstalled it. I just upgraded it via yum to next version (yum distro-sync). So if you would like to get newer php/mysql/apache packages - you should upgrade your CentOS/RHEL to next release too. But packages there are always old. (Sorry my bad english). P.S. If you want just upgrade PHP - you could use REMI reposytory for old versions of fedora. But i don't know if it is for centos.

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I'm using fedora on my corporative webserver. On other webserver I'm using CentOS. And I should say that Fedora is much better. For example Fedora now use MariaDB instead of MySQL, and the first is much faster. Fedora use latest Apache (2.4) and nginx - which is more stable. It use latest vsftpd - which is more secure. It offer latest PHP (5.4,5.5) and CentOs offer php 5.2 which is strong outdated.