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2013-08-13 13:34:02 -0500 answered a question gdm login gone. boots into gnome as user 'gdm'

This was a bug in a gdm package pushed to updates-testing. Upgrade to this package:

to fix your problem

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2013-08-12 13:52:15 -0500 answered a question does malloc blocks signals?

malloc does not block signals. This is why malloc is not a signal-safe function, and why it's not "legal" to allocate memory from a signal handler. The signal handler is called immediately from a random thread with no protection against reentrancy.

man 7 signal talks about this somewhat i believe.

2013-08-12 13:47:32 -0500 answered a question Firefox inoperative.

firefox doesn't really handle getting upgraded while it's running. It's better to use "Offline Updates" for this reason and others.

from a terminal try running

pkill -f firefox

or just reboot.

2013-08-12 13:44:26 -0500 answered a question how to apply installed themes on fedora 16

if you're using gnome, then gnome-tweak-tool should let you do what you want to do.

2013-08-12 13:41:26 -0500 answered a question gnome-shell oddity

This is probably a problem with the extension itself. I'd suggest reporting the issue with extension author. If you run "journalctl -ba" You should see an exception in your log that will be useful for diagnosing the problem.

2013-08-12 13:39:30 -0500 answered a question How do I set up the login screen background in gdm?

You can set the background by creating a file in /etc/dconf/db/gdm.d with

[org/gnome/desktop/background] picture-uri='file:///usr/share/backgrounds/gnome/Stripes.jpg'

and then running dconf update as root.

2013-08-12 13:37:29 -0500 answered a question Kickstart is missing login window...Which package am I missing?

are you running RHEL or Fedora? If the former you should visit for assistance.

If this is Fedora, you definitely don't want gdm-2.16.0-46.el5 installed.

Note in fedora 18 and fedora 19 the unlock screen depends on GDM to function properly. startx is not supported (though the failure more should be "doesn't lock", not "locks and then doesn't unlock")

2013-08-12 13:31:55 -0500 answered a question F19 Gnome-3 hides apps

if you log into a fresh user account does that account see all your apps? I wonder if it's some sort of problem with ~/.config/menus or ~/.local/share/applications

2013-08-12 13:28:31 -0500 answered a question Fedora boot hangs at GrayScreen with no net

Could be a graphics driver bug. what kind of video hardware?

2013-08-12 11:52:57 -0500 answered a question How can I disable the left panel in Gnome desktop?

It looks like one of the extensions you installed may have broken the dash. Try turning them off one by one and see which one is the culprit.

2013-08-12 11:50:40 -0500 answered a question Is it possible to use Facebook, Google or OpenID to log into Fedora?

It's something that's been discussed before but isn't currently implemented.

It looks like you filed this bug recently:

Thanks, that's a good way to track things.

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2013-08-10 18:05:35 -0500 answered a question How to Disable Plymouth

just take "rhgb" off your kernel command line and it should show messages all the time.

Alternatively, tell plymouth to use the "details" them by default

/usr/sbin/plymouth-set-default-theme details

dracut -f

if your really want to disable it entirely, you can put plymouth.enable=0 on the kernel command line.

2013-08-10 17:58:23 -0500 answered a question vncserver setup in fedora 19

One easy way to setup vnc is to log into GNOME and run "vino-preferences" then enable it there.

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2013-08-10 17:55:34 -0500 answered a question How to zoom out in the login menu

Indeed, click the "Virtruvian Man" icon to the left of the volume icon and click off Zoom. The keybinding is Alt-Super-8.

(to be clear Super is the key with the Windows logo on it)

2013-08-10 17:52:49 -0500 answered a question Trim not working on SSD

note, as aside, kernel filesystem developers discourage using the "discard" fs option, and instead recommend using the script shipped with hdparam occasionally.

2013-08-10 17:46:38 -0500 answered a question How do I move a virtual machine in gnome boxes to another host?

i think copying ~/.local/share/gnome-boxes and ~/.config/share/gnome-boxes together should work.

Another cool related thing you can do is have gnome-boxes connect to VMs set up by virt-manager.

To do that, click the "New" button, then "Enter Url", and for the url put "qemu:///system", then all virt-manager VMs will appear in the boxes UI.

2013-08-10 17:42:31 -0500 answered a question Can I initiate an offline update from a command prompt?

You may want to run pkcon get-updates --only-download before touching the trigger file.

2013-08-10 17:35:11 -0500 answered a question Gnome won't start after installing catalyst drivers(Fedora 19)

One thing you can do to get your desktop back (not a permanent solution by any means) is turn off hardware acceleration and force software fallback. to do that put


in the /etc/environment file.

2013-08-10 17:33:17 -0500 answered a question In gnome-shell, how do you make the top bar span across 2 monitors?

Yea there's no way "out of the box" to do this without extensions. You can switch which monitor the panel shows up on by going to the Display panel in control center and dragging the black panel icon from one monitor icon to the other.

2013-08-10 17:31:27 -0500 answered a question sticky notes on fedora 18?

Once you've picked a note taking application (gnote, tomboy or bijiben) you may want to have it start at login. To do that run gnome-session-properties, click the Add button and then fill in the form.

2013-08-10 17:26:49 -0500 answered a question Super+M Not Working. How can I reset to default? [Closed]

from a terminal try running (as your user, not root):

$ gsettings reset org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings minimize