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2014-08-14 14:39:32 -0500 commented answer Playing wmv files in Fedora 19

Wow, I'm sorry that I forgot to come back here and check again. The above error is the "type" of thing that has happened to me before. You have two different versions of libraries installed. You don't need the devel-docs [unless your going to write programs], and --skip-broken OR just install gstreamer1-plugins-ugly-1.0.9-1.fc19 and not use the wildcard, which is pulling in the docs. Also just occured to me, you already have the gstreamer1-plugins-ugly installed. Your media player is likely still using the gstreamer0.10 plugins and they may not be updated to include the "ugly" ones, needed for wmv's. Can remember how to tell totem which gstreamer to use. Both gstreamers are parellel installable. XFCE uses gstreamer0.10 and gnome uses newer gstreamer1.0 media framework. Try mplayer -framedrop -cache 8192 "filename.wmv" on the commandline. Try 'sudo yum install mpv' also, a GREAT ... (more)

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2014-08-14 14:17:31 -0500 asked a question gnome-software installed applications list is empty

Hello, I have gnome 3.12 on fedora 20 and gnome-software-3.12.2-3.fc20.x86_64. When I type sudo yum [or dnf] -qa I receive a list of all installed applications, however gnome-software indicates that I have NO installed applications. I wanted to create "app-folders" and I read that the only way to do that is to use "gnome-software", [also why is there no commandline way to do that? Example --> edit desktop files categories or using gsettings? But I digress, that is a secondary question]. How do I make "gnome-software" show that I have ANY applications installed on my system? I have dozens of applications installed, including full "Gnome Desktop" and full "Mate and XFCE Desktop" and many commonly used programs. Gnome-software also never shows a need for any updates, even though there are frequently many as indicated on the commandline. All org.gnome.settings-daemon.updates keys have been left at the gnome installed defaults - unchanged. ie. frequency-get-updates 86400. This computer runs 24/7 with reboots only for kernel updates, so 24hours=86400seconds have long, long passed. Thank you. Anton Schenker.

2013-12-16 04:50:32 -0500 commented answer Totem not playing videos after adding gstreamer

This should not be necessary and may lead to conflicts. Type sudo yum install gstreamer* to install all of the good, bad, & ugly (patent-encumbered codecs) gstreamer plugins. Then type "gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=file:///home/joe/my-random-media-file.flv" This way you will know if you have all the gstreamer plugins installed. If it plays, then totem should automatically use the gstreamer backend with all the plugins. (Totem may then need reinstalling. "sudo yum reinstall totem". Anton.

2013-12-16 04:41:12 -0500 commented answer Playing wmv files in Fedora 19

"If VLC cannot handle them" <-- very correct point. "GStreamer extensions, including the 'non-free', 'ugly' and 'bad'... see if you can get the files to open in mplayer or xine" <-- mplayer and xine do NOT use the gstreamer libraries at all. They use their own. Only gstreamer based multimedia players, such as totem or parole, etc use gstreamer plugins. "corrupted during the download" <-- very possible, almost likely. "rename the files to .avi" <-- may work, but most gnu-linux systems ignore file-name extensions and examine first few bytes of data contents.

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2013-12-16 04:30:29 -0500 answered a question Playing wmv files in Fedora 19

Enable repositories, (simple command line instructions on their website), then type sudo yum install gstreamer* in a terminal. This will install all of the "ugly" gstreamer plugins for playing patent-encumbered codecs using any media player that uses the gstreamer backend, such as totem or parole, which works perfectly fine on all of my fedora 19 boxes. [Of course mplayer or xine also play them perfectly, installable from rpmfusion]. Anton.