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2015-09-15 03:33:52 -0500 commented question Running an older IDL 7.0 32 bit on Fedora 22 64bit- Libraries required

Install Fedora 10 32-bit in your preferred virtualization software and run IDL there.

2015-09-04 15:56:03 -0500 answered a question mapiprofile does not work

I've submitted a bug As a workaround use:

 LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/samba/ mapiprofile --newdb
2015-09-02 07:44:31 -0500 commented question mapiprofile does not work

What ldd `which mapiprofile` | grep libsamba and rpm -qf `which mapiprofile` say?

2015-08-31 06:36:03 -0500 commented answer error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line

what happens if you add -lgfortran to the g++ ... link line? Just copy the whole line into the terminal, add -lgfortran at the end, and execute such modified line.

2015-08-31 06:14:00 -0500 answered a question error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line

Check which versions of symbols are available for your gfortran:

strings /usr/lib64/ | grep "GFORTRAN_1"

and verify which version of g++/gfortran you are actually using:

g++ --version
gfortran --version
rpm -qf /usr/lib64/

If there is a mismatch, you will probably need to recompile /home/navds/LocInstall/HEP/PYTHIA6/pythia6428/ with gfortran-5.1.1. Otherwise try to add -lgfortran to the link line.

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2015-04-14 09:06:39 -0500 answered a question How to configure networking without "ifconfig" or "ip"

Please search Google for answers first. You can print the network settings by inspecting the container ID (CID):

docker run -i -t fedora:latest /bin/bash
# then from a new terminal
docker ps
CID=`docker ps | grep fedora:latest | cut -d' ' -f1`
echo ${CID}
docker inspect ${CID}

Stackoverflow is usually a good source of information: and the official docker docs

2015-04-14 08:45:21 -0500 answered a question How to install python-matplotlib in Fedora 13

Install it from archives:

2015-04-13 20:21:18 -0500 commented question Disappearing Comments

This could be another sign of the lack of edit locks: - maybe some edits are just lost ...

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2014-12-14 23:59:51 -0500 commented question why isen't my kernel updating automatically?

su -c "yum repolist"; su -c "yum info kernel"; su -c "yum update"

2014-12-14 23:59:35 -0500 commented answer module command not found in Fedora 21

/etc/profile scripts are automatically loaded at login, no need to include this in ~/.bashrc.

2014-12-14 23:51:33 -0500 commented answer mpirun: command not found...

su -c "yum -y install openmpi"; source /etc/profile.d/ . After that the module command (it's a shell function, or alias depending on your shell) will become available.

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2014-10-23 06:28:52 -0500 answered a question Autorun a command at startup

In the sytems V init scripts one normally uses su and not sudo:

su user -c "/opt/flexnetserver/lmgrd ..."
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2014-10-21 04:33:50 -0500 answered a question slim down fedora by removing biggest packages

It's documented here :

rpm -qa --queryformat '%{name} %{size}\n' | sort -n -k 2
2014-10-07 07:46:04 -0500 edited answer Is there any software for fedora like Internet download manager in windows ?

I haven't seen such a download manger yet. However Aria2 is the best download manager for linux I've ever seen. If you also like to download videos from the inernet, I recommend firefox with flashgot addon (change the default flashget video downloader to aria2).

Other options are:




which can be simply installed by, e.g.:

yum install wget

if you have rpmfusion installed.

2014-10-07 07:40:19 -0500 commented question how to install latest SVN server on latest Fedora 20?

You need to create /etc/httpd/conf.d/subversion.conf. Don't skip the steps - /var/www/svn (not /var/svn) is created in step 5.

2014-10-07 07:34:14 -0500 answered a question How to form a linux cluster using fedora?

Depending what kind of cluster you want. If just a normal Beowulf cluster look here . This uses RHEL5 (CentOS) which is based on Fedora 6.

2014-10-07 07:26:02 -0500 answered a question how to install mediahuman on fedora 20

I would try to unpack the deb package. As an unprivileged user, assuming 64-bit Fedora:

cd /tmp
mkdir YouTubeToMP3
cd YouTubeToMP3
ar vx YouTubeToMP3.amd64.deb
tar -xzvf data.tar.gz

Start the application with:


If it works, repeat the installation process under your home directory ($HOME).

2014-10-07 07:10:47 -0500 commented question Taking backup of OS

For 2. please see . Backup the database and restore it on another Fedora target system first.

2014-10-07 07:04:16 -0500 commented question Yum - Cannot retrieve metalink for repository error

@FranciscoD_ - this kind of error messages should be simply improved in yum. It does not make sense to keep answering the same question over and over again - the source of the problem must be fixed. I started a discussion about this drawback of yum (lousy error messages) some time ago - but the thread died.

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2014-06-23 04:22:02 -0500 commented question Fedora 20 Firefox doesn't play swf local file
2014-06-14 09:08:21 -0500 commented question I want to be a Linux expert; I am a noob, however.

Search information on the internet, e.g. and please do not post duplicate questions.

2014-06-13 07:58:55 -0500 commented question Installing new and updated software
2014-06-12 04:06:37 -0500 commented question Fedora 20 installer can't wipe existing OS

I remember things like that in the past - i was then booting from a rescue CD and removing old partitions with fdisk. Does a minimal kickstart installation (ext4) work -

2014-06-11 06:29:20 -0500 commented answer Linux from scratch

If you are familiar with the shell just reading the LFS book will be much faster than watching any videos. The actual building of LFS can take a couple of days.

2014-06-10 09:01:04 -0500 answered a question How do I launch a terminal using desktop launcher?

I think you are asking for something like:

gtk-launch gedit

Where gedit is the prefix in the desktop file name gedit.desktop, located normally under /usr/share/applications/ . See

2014-06-01 06:24:48 -0500 commented question how to install nachos
2014-05-20 05:32:22 -0500 commented answer Drivers for lenovo edge e431
2014-05-20 05:21:50 -0500 commented question How to enable SSHD in FEDORA 16

@Glenn - please post your questions as comments initially

2014-05-13 13:39:01 -0500 commented question with NM_CONTROLLED=no who starts the interface?

This is the latest version of this question, desired by the author