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2013-02-09 00:03:14 -0500 asked a question Unable to change resolution on Fedora 18 after playing Urban Terror

So I wanted to try out Urban Terror on Fedora 18. I installed it. When I click it, the screen resolution would change to a lower resolution(800x600) to play the game in full screen. Then after I've exit the game the resolution would remain the same. I tried changing the resolution in the 'Displays' application to 1440x900, the screen would go blank forever and I would have to restart the PC. After restart the resolution would return to normal.

So after a few tries trying to replicate the issue, the screen went blank but after restart it never returned 1440x900. Now I'm stuck on the low 800x600. It does work on 1440x900 until login screen but after I login it goes to 800x600 that Urban Terror had set. Something seems to be broken after the login screen.

Forcing the resolution to 1440x900 in the /etc/gmd/Init/Defaults still doesn't change anything.

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2013-01-06 09:59:21 -0500 answered a question Folder opening in terminal but not in Nautilus File Manager

I finally got MTP to work. Here is the link to the solution if anybody wants to access the MTP filesystem.

  1. Install requirement

    sudo yum install gcc-c++ fuse-devel libmtp-devel glib-devel glib2-devel file-devel

  2. Installing libMTP

    • Download the latest version of libmtp and extract it to your home directory. For this example, it will be ~/libmtp-1.1.5
 `# cd ~/libmtp-1.1.5`
 `# ./configure`
 `# make`
 `# sudo make install`
  1. Installing jmtpfs
 `# cd'
 '# wget'
 '# tar xfvz jmtpfs-0.3.tar.gz jmtpfs-0.3'
 '# cd jmtpfs-0.3'
 '# ./configure'
 '# cd src'
 '# make'
 '# sudo make install`
  1. Allowing other with fuse

    Edit the file /etc/fuse.conf and uncomment the line

    # user_allow_other



  2. Mounting the phone !

    Now we are ready to mount the phone. Make sure your Samsung Galaxy S3 is connected with a usb cable

 `# mkdir ~/Samsung_Galaxy_S3`
 `# jmtpfs -o allow_other ~/Samsung_Galaxy_S3   (this can take some time (1-2 minutes for me) `

You may have a warning after the last command, I get this:

 `PTP_ERROR_IO: failed to open session, trying again after resetting USB interface`
 `LIBMTP libusb: Attempt to reset device`

Just ignore it.

You are now ready.

# cd ~/Samsung_Galaxy_S3
# ls
# cd Phone
# ls
Alarms       DCIM      Movies         PicSpeed Wallpapers  Ringtones
Android      Download  Music          Pictures             samsungapps
Application  media     Notifications  Podcasts

For unmounting the phone, be sure closing applications that are in the new mount directory (this include terminal)

`fusermount -u ~/Samsung_Galaxy_S3`

Thats it !

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2013-01-06 09:26:35 -0500 asked a question Folder opening in terminal but not in Nautilus File Manager

I've mounted my Android Device(Samsung Galaxy S2) that uses MTP Filesystem on /mnt/GS2 using the command

mtpfs -o allow_other /mnt/GS2/

The Folder has two directories Playlists/ and Internal Storage/. Playlists/ is empty and i can click into in using Nautilus. But when i click on Internal Storage/, it opens /mnt/GS2/ in a separate window. It does the same every time i click it. I'm not able to get into Internal Storage/.

But when I cd into it using the terminal, I have no problem. I can view all the internals.

I've changed the permission to 777 but still the same.

Working with terminal is no big deal but i want to browse my phone quickly using Nautilus.

I Appreciate your help. Thanks.