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2019-03-25 09:34:49 -0500 answered a question There are no enabled repos

It looks like there are some issues with the repositories definition. In theory command: dnf reinstall fedora-repos

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2019-03-19 19:24:55 -0500 answered a question KDE F29 switchable graphics NVIDIA/Intel Login screen blank

Instead of mentioned bumblebee installation (working login screen is only a side effect of properly installed Nvidia pro

2019-03-19 19:24:54 -0500 answered a question modprob Nvidia (proprietary): could not insert 'nvidia': No such device

Please follow this guide from repositories: I personally find this

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2019-03-19 17:21:51 -0500 answered a question "IniParser: Can't open file" when using dnf

Please verify user permissions to: /etc/dnf/dnf.conf all *.repo files found under /etc/yum.repos.d You should have a

2019-03-19 17:21:51 -0500 answered a question Fedora 29: Can't install KDE plasma

I can't confirm that issue on the fresh F29 installation. The command you have entered finished with success. I see two

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