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2019-04-22 18:00:53 -0500 asked a question Raid5 resync starts after boot, F29

Raid5 resync starts after boot, F29 Added an mdadm based raid5; it seems to be starting a rebuild after every boot. I s

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2019-03-23 15:50:33 -0500 asked a question Is this a bug.

Is this a bug. Made a key Opened tmprequest for writing /usr/bin/keyutil: bad certificate request : The certificate was

2019-03-11 12:23:34 -0500 asked a question Network Pulseaudio Config

Network Pulseaudio Config Can anyone point me to a HOWTO on getting a Pulseaudio rtp sink functioning on F29? I also nee

2019-02-19 11:27:43 -0500 answered a question write_main() failed to re-load written solv file

I am having the same issue; but no past error/power failure explains it and the 'fix' above doesn't work.