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2013-02-07 07:24:12 -0500 marked best answer How can I connect to and download files from an FTP server?

You can browse and download ftp servers pretty easily using firefox. For example, the following FTP server (an Australian mirror for Fedora) should be browseable using firefox:

Alternatively, you can connect to an FTP server using Files (the GNOME file browser, aka nautilus). Connecting using nautilus is especially handy when you need to authenticate with the FTP server (i.e. The server requires a username & password)

To do this,

  1. Open Files

  2. From the menu up near the Activities overview, select Connect to Server image description

  3. In the connect to server dialog, enter in the address of the FTP server you want to connect to. In this example, we are going with the same image description

  4. In the next dialog, enter in your username and password for the server (if you have one). In this case, we can connect anonymously.

image description

  1. Once connected, an entry for the server should appear in the left hand pane, under "Network". Click on it, and you should be able to browse the ftp server. image description
2013-02-07 05:40:01 -0500 marked best answer How do I reformat a USB drive?

Here is how you format a USB drive to be FAT32 using the Disks utility in Fedora 18 (gnome 3)

  1. Insert your USB and open up the Disks utility ("Disks" in the Activities overview, or "gnome-disks" from the terminal).
  2. Click on your USB drive from the list of disks in the left hand pane. In the following example, the 4.1GB Drive is the one i want to format. image description

  3. Under the Volumes section, since I only have one partition, it is already highlighted blue, so just press the little square icon under the blue block to unmount the filesystem.

  4. Next click the little minus icon, to remove the partition. It will warn you if you want to remove the partition. Removing the partition will delete your data, so beware

  5. Now the blue block should read "free space". Click the plus icon that has appeared, to add a new partition.

  6. A dialog should appear with options for the new partition. Ensure it fills all the space (it should do this be default), also ensure that the FAT filesystem is chosen, and type in a label for your volume. Click create, and your new partition should create in a few seconds. The disk should also mount automatically.

  7. Open Files (nautilus) and check that it has mounted (it should show up towards the bottom of the left hand pane in nautilus)

hope this helps, ryanlerch

2013-02-06 19:22:32 -0500 commented answer Disk and mkefs disagree

This doesn't work.

2013-02-06 16:59:10 -0500 commented question Cannot boot from USB

Are you rebooting from a mac?

2013-02-06 16:32:51 -0500 asked a question Disk and mkefs disagree

While the disk application says my flashdrive is not in use, mkefs and gparted will not partition it, saying that it is in use.

2013-02-06 05:48:37 -0500 commented answer How do I reformat a USB drive?

Are you sure unmount is a valid command? I tried it, but my bash couldn't recognize it.

2013-02-05 20:44:09 -0500 asked a question How do I reformat a USB drive?

After configuring my USB to be FAT32 through fdisk, I unmounted it, and when I mounted it again, it wouldn't work. Upon running dmesg | tail, I found I had not installed a valid FAT system. How can I get a fat system working on the usb?

2013-02-04 19:07:32 -0500 answered a question Trying to use CD

I figured it out. Mac is 32 bit, I was using 64 bit.

2013-02-04 17:35:28 -0500 asked a question How can I connect to and download files from an FTP server?

I need to connect to an FTP server to download files. Is there an FTP client in Fedora that I can use to do this?

2013-01-21 08:48:06 -0500 asked a question Overdrive files?

I can't open .odm files on my fedora 18 system. Is it possible to open them? And if so, with what?

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2013-01-19 12:52:04 -0500 marked best answer Dropbox and Spherical Cow

sorry but Dropbox REPO is not avalilable yet for FEDORA 18 you can disable the repo for the moment and wait until this is available :

All repo are stored in /etc/yum.repos.d/

  • Disable YUM Repo using YUM (Temporary)

    yum install some-package --disablerepo=some-repository

Example :

sudo yum update --disablerepo=Dropbox

you can delete it, you need to be root to execute this action, as i said before, all repo in fedora are stored in :


open a terminal and navigate to this folder and delete or rename Dropbox repo :

rm dropbox.repo

or renamed it

mv dropbox.repo dropbox

and execute

sudo yum update


2013-01-19 08:54:14 -0500 asked a question Dropbox and Spherical Cow
 # yum update
Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 - Not Found :
Trying other mirror.
Error: failure: repodata/repomd.xml from Dropbox: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try. [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 - Not Found :

This happened after I updated to fedora 18. I tried deleting the dropbox repo, but it didn't work. (rm: cannot remove ‘dropbox’: No such file or directory)

2012-12-30 12:26:05 -0500 marked best answer how do you get löve 2d working?

Fedora already has the current version of love available in its repository:

# yum info love

Available Packages
Name        : love
Arch        : x86_64
Version     : 0.8.0
Release     : 2.fc17
Size        : 397 k
Repo        : fedora/17/x86_64
Summary     : A free 2D game engine which enables easy game creation in Lua
URL         :
License     : zlib and Public Domain
Description : LOVE is an open source, cross platform 2D game engine which uses the
            : Lua scripting language. LOVE can be used to make games of any license
            : allowing it to be used for both free and non-free projects.
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2012-12-29 11:25:24 -0500 asked a question how do you get löve 2d working?

I am trying to install löve 2d ( on to Fedora 17 but I can't get it to work! I know nothing about working the terminal.

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2012-09-20 18:08:55 -0500 asked a question Trying to use CD

I have burnt a CD with Fedora. When I try to boot into the CD, I just get this message, saying "please select the CD-ROM type". What do I do? I am using mac OS 10.5 I think this is 64 bit fedora