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Unfortunately I cannot unload a module that is in use. But maybe there is a possibility to (re-)set the parameter while the module is running.

On the other hand, /sys/module/i915/parameters/ tells me that enable_guc_loading is still set after waking up.

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I would like to, but the link isn't beeing parsed correctly by markdown. Any ideas?

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Original title: Kernel parameter not working after wake

My Dell XPS 13 9360 (i5-8250U) exhibits noise/crackling. This happens on load or screen changes and can reliably be forced when playing a (muted) video. The Arch wiki suggests a kernel parameter to remedy the situation [1]:


This works directly after boot, until the first sleep/hibernate. After wakeup, the crackling is back until the next reboot, when the kernel parameter apparently takes effect again. I suppose that after wakeup and reinitialization of the i915 module the parameter is not being set?

I am runnig Fedora 27, a quick test with an Ubuntu Live Disc showed the same behaviour, so I guess this is not distro-specific but in fact a general driver problem. Any ideas how to fix this?

update - solved
Solved the problem using a kernel patch that extends a known workaround for this laptop's audio device [2]. I changed the original title as it was misleading. With the patch applied to kernel 4.14, the kernel-parameter mentioned above is no longer required.

The patch should make it into kernel 4.14.15 and 4.15.