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2018-05-25 09:31:08 -0500 commented answer [Fedora 28] failed to boot after system update with installed Nvidia driver from RPM Fusion -Nonfree- NVIDIA Driver

Yay! Can confirm the updated packages work for me. I logged in over ssh, downloaded the updated selinux-policy and seli

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2017-03-25 18:00:20 -0500 asked a question Wayland sees two screens on MacBook Pro with dual graphics. How to configure?

I've got a mid-2010 MacBook Pro 15" with dual graphics (integrated Intel Ironlake, and discrete NVidia NVA5). Fedora 25 installs and boots wonderfully except for one major problem -- Wayland thinks there are two screens attached, and only the second of the two "screens" is actually being output to the laptop panel.

Most importantly this means it's tricky to log in, as the gdm login screen shows only on the first, hidden, screen -- the actually visible screen just shows a pleasant gray background.

It's possible to log in 'by feel' with the keyboard, and then (if lucky enough in window placement) to switch the display mode to mirroring, but that doesn't kick back in until login -- I can't figure out how to switch to mirroring in the default configuration that gdm pops up with.

It's also possible to switch over to a separate VT with function keys, log in on text console, and start up an X session with 'startx'. But this isn't terribly ideal.

I'd like to figure out how to configure Wayland to ignore the first screen, if that's possible, but I've had very little luck googling around for suitable configuration options. I'm not sure what configuration files I can change, or where to find their documentation. Is there an equivalent to xorg.conf for the wayland server?

[Update -- I've worked around it a little better by forcing gdm to use X11 and disabling the faux screen in an xorg.conf bit based on . But this leaves me with an X11 desktop, when I'd like to be testing Wayland stuff. If I could do the equivalent configuration for Wayland that'd be great!]