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2017-01-29 12:47:39 -0500 asked a question Mouse Pointer Lag in Wayland (Fine in XORG) - Fedora 25

As the only 11 year old using Fedora, my mouse pointer is lagging a little as of use with Wayland. Xorg seems to be fine, yet it is a little unsecure. I am using it because the mouse pointer is pretty important to me, and I'd like to keep things stable and usable for me. I know this has been reported a bit, but in different ways, and with more powerful computers. Anyway, I'd like to spread this a little bit as it's quite annoying (I understand that this is duplicate)

When I see lag in the Gnome Shell, it lags my mouse pointer. This tells me that Xorg must be seperating the mouse pointer from the actual shell or such that you are running Xorg on, in this case, Wayland does not. So any processes that need to be ran from the Gnome Shell, it puts the mouse pointer in queue. This has nothing to do with applications for some reason in any way. Just the Gnome Shell.

Processor: Intel Celeron - x2 Cores --- Ram: 4 GB --- Design: Laptop (does that matter?) --- Version: Fedora 25 --- Desktop: GNOME 3.22 --- Device: Toshiba (also does that matter?) ---

Also I'm new to the forums, please report what I am doing wrong and what should be fixed :)

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