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2016-11-27 17:04:24 -0500 commented answer DNF does not work properly after Fedora 25 upgrade from 24

The "sudo dnf clean all" command fixed my issue. (This command was written in the provided wiki.) Thank you very much!

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2016-11-27 07:49:57 -0500 asked a question DNF does not work properly after Fedora 25 upgrade from 24


I recently updated from Fedora 24 Workstation to Fedora 25 Workstation via Gnome Software Center. Everything was downloaded, loaded and installed correctly. The only thing that I am having an issue with is my terminal and specifically DNF commands. Whatever I try to do, be it sudo dnf install whatever, sudo dnf update, or whatever else, it does not work. It asks then for my root password but then after I type it in and press Enter, it does not do anything. Previously, on Fedora 24 it worked like a charm.

Screenshot from the terminal window: image description Then it rests like this and does nothing.

Any suggestions, please? Thank you.

2016-11-09 07:21:45 -0500 asked a question Touchpad on Fedora 24 is not working properly


I am using an Acer E5-575G notebook and Fedora 24 is not recognizing my touchpad. My touchpad works just basically (scrolling works, buttons works only when pressed on the lower-side of the touchpad), without any advanced features in Fedora. Gnome settings does not recognize my touchpad at all. When I click on the Mouse & touchpad setting, it shows only one option which is Primary Button selection. I'd like to use natural scrolling, tapping (as clicking) and so on. In Windows my touchpad works like a charm.

I have an option in BIOS to turn advanced feature on or to turn the basic mode on. Regardless of the setting in BIOS, it does not work correctly in Fedora.

Is there something I can do in order to make it work? Thank you.

Thank you very much.