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2016-12-03 02:49:38 -0500 commented answer can not find fedora 19 after reinstalling windows 7

Thank you, this how to is very useful. This is still a pain to share his system with Windows...

2016-10-28 07:02:44 -0500 commented answer F24 error: can't find command 'linux'?

In my case spotted after a windows 10 installation. I were unable to regenerate my grub.cfg from a live cd without this error.

Editing manually my f24 entry with the right name (linuxefi and initdefi) from grub2 menu was required to be able to start on fedora.

After that follow this howto solves this issue definitively

2016-10-28 06:59:29 -0500 commented answer Can't connect to VPN on Fedora 21

These firewall rules solve my issue too. Thank you