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2016-07-25 12:02:54 -0500 received badge  Student (source)
2016-07-25 10:57:40 -0500 asked a question can't update gnutls-3.4.13-1.fc23.i686

DNF fails to update

Errors in building transaction update : python2-requests-2.10.0-2.fc23.noarch update : python2-urllib3-1.15.1-3.fc23.noarch

also can't update gnutls-3.4.13-1.fc23.x86_64 due to conflicts with gnutls-3.4.13-1.fc23.i686

2016-06-05 10:28:05 -0500 commented answer cannot install ANYTHING

getting same errors nothing will update

2016-06-05 10:28:02 -0500 answered a question cannot install ANYTHING

Same problem as below... Yum extender will not allow updates to anything