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2017-05-10 17:59:35 -0500 asked a question finding a internal harddrive after bios

so I have this laptop that has a broken screen.

the hard drive has some password protect virus that loads before windows starts. it needs to be formatted and replaced with fedora.

it is hooked up to a tv. I have also tried a old projector with no difference

by mashing del and F2 I am able to get to the bios

I can make out the word aptio when in the bios this is aptio setup utility bios

in the bios fn+F7 and fn+F8 does not work and their is no way for me to see the bios

the aptio has a complicated and visually dependent boot order set up.
changing the boot order blind I have not found how to do.

when I get to a operating system the TV does display, even the virus's enter password prompt

I have a fedora 23 live usb

by physically removing the hard drive from the laptop. it loads the fedora usb.

when I put the hard drive back in while fedora is running. fedora dose not see the hard drive.

'#' ls /dev/sd* their is no sdb

fdisk -l does not see the hard drive

I have tried shoving the hard drive in while it is booting but after many attempts I do not think that will work.

I found this mention of hwbrowser

but it says no package hwbrowser available

so how do I have fedora scan for a new internal hard drive.

I am a newb to linux so assume that I have not tried the basic thing that everyone knows.