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2016-01-08 07:40:43 -0500 asked a question can't fedora be installed in ext4 type partition?

I have installed a Windows, Ubuntu, Backbox, Kali Linux in my hard disk. Now i want to install it on my hard-disk but iam not able to do it. I heard that any linux OS can be installed on a logical partition. But the case with fedora was quite different. I have partitioned my 1TB Hard disk as Follows:--

  1. 500mb -ntfs reserved (windows.)- "primary"

  2. 300gb- Windows "primary"

  3. 8gb- "swap"

  4. 600gb- "ext4"

       5.     100gb "Logical".
       6.     100gb  "Logical"
       7.     100gb  "Logical"
       8.     100gb  "Logical"
       9.     100gb  "Logical"
      10.     100gb  "Logical".

when i tried to mount ' \ ' root partition on ext4 partition it isn't working. Cant' i decide in which partition can grub be installed. Please somebody help me out to install fedora. I have downloaded gparted and partitioned one of my logical to 'lvm pv' even then iam not able to allocate a mount-point.