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2015-12-07 14:39:19 -0500 commented question How do I stop duplicate grub entries?

I am experiencing same issue but have no idea what is causing it

2015-11-23 09:36:03 -0500 commented question Icon view for file browser inside firefox?

These are both good alternatives. Drag and dropping from nautilus on compatible sites seems to be the easiest way to do it. Thanks! I also appreciate the info about Firefox using gtk3 file picker.

2015-11-20 16:17:00 -0500 asked a question Icon view for file browser inside firefox?

My question is simple yet hard to explain so I'll do my best.

Within firefox, if I click a link to upload a file(ex on facebook to upload a photo), it brings up a file browser for me to browse files. By default this is in a list view as opposed to an icon view. I would like it to be in an iconic view but I haven't found anywhere to make this change. Nautilus is set by default to open in iconic view and even has a button to change views easily. But the file browser within firefox has no such button.

Is the browser that firefox opens nautilus or a different one? Would this be something tweaked within firefox or within gnome?

I took a nice screenshot and marked it up and everything to illustrate my point but apparently I lack the karma upload files. Anyone have any idea on this one or am I just out of luck? Thanks!

2015-11-20 16:16:56 -0500 commented answer php doesnt runs and browser downloads it

Well, not sure then. The .conf file for php should be in /etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf

# mod_php options
<IfModule  mod_php5.c>
    # Cause the PHP interpreter to handle files with a .php extension.
    <FilesMatch \.php$>
        SetHandler application/x-httpd-php

I'd double check you have the SetHandler set appropriately and that it is uncommented. Other than that I'm sorry I can't be more help

2015-11-20 12:45:44 -0500 answered a question how to answer notifications

Clicking the day/time at top center of your screen gives you a drop down with current notifications. Most notifications I'm aware of can be resolved by clicking on them and following the instructions. The software one will take you to software app where you probably will be prompted to click to update whatever software it is. Not sure about file one. If you need more help a screenshot as mentioned above would help.

2015-11-20 12:08:00 -0500 answered a question php doesnt runs and browser downloads it

Where is your .php file located? By default, apache is configured to serve files from /var/www/html/ . Put your file in that folder then point your browser to localhost/<filename>.php

2015-11-19 14:35:36 -0500 commented question Fedora 23 won't recognize UDF volume. help?

The cd is now being read no problem after having made 0 changes myself. Am not sure what the problem was. Maybe one of the updates over the past few days fixed it? Not sure...

2015-11-17 09:12:53 -0500 asked a question Fedora 23 won't recognize UDF volume. help?

My wife's friend gave her a CD with some pictures on it she took for us and I haven't been able to open it. It opens fine on my Windows machine and I also thought to try it on my laptop which I am running Centos 7 and it opened just fine on that as well. I am using external cd/dvd drive. It worked hooked up to my centos laptop but not to my fedora desktop. Also fedora recognizes DVDs opened using that same external drive as well just not this CD which is a UDF volume. Any suggestions? Thanks! I can give more details if needed just I am fairly new to linux/fedora so I'll need you to dumb it down for me just a little :)

2015-11-16 13:01:38 -0500 commented answer Steam on Fedora 21: OpenGL GLX error

Running Fedora 23 and was having problems getting Steam going this fixed it thanks!