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2015-12-18 21:31:09 -0500 asked a question download package for different kernel

I'm on a Fedora 23 machine and I'm trying to download a package for an offline install in a Fedora 22 machine. I'm trying to get the package kernel-headers.

The machine I want to do the offline install on (Fedora 22) is running kernel 4.2.6-200.fc22.x86_64. It doesn't currently have internet access so it can't be updated.

I have tried searching for the right package like this:

dnf --showduplicates list kernel-headers

but it only shows me these available packages:

Available Packages
kernel-headers.x86_64                  4.2.3-300.fc23                   fedora  
kernel-headers.x86_64                  4.2.6-301.fc23                   @updates
kernel-headers.x86_64                  4.2.6-301.fc23                   updates

All of them end in .fc23 and none of them are for version 4.2.6-200. I have also tried other methods of searching but have not been successful.

Could anyone show me the command to download the package I'm looking for?

2015-12-16 00:43:22 -0500 asked a question installing akmod-wl package offline

I have two Fedora machines - one Fedora 22 (offline) and the other Fedora 23 (online).

I just installed a new wifi card in the Fedora 22 machine and I need to install the akmod-wl package to get it working. A wired connection isn't available so I can't just connect and install the package.

I need to download the required package(s) on the Fedora 23 machine and then transfer them to the Fedora 22 machine and install them. I've never done something like this before and it seems like there could be a few tricky steps needed in order for this to work.

Could anyone walk me through step by step?

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2015-07-11 17:42:51 -0500 asked a question nvidia issue

In an attempt to configure CUDA on my fedora21 machine, I followed these instructions:

I verified that I had a CUDA-capable GPU and that I was using the correct versions of the kernel, gcc, and glibc before starting. I chose the "local package installer" for Fedora 21 (cuda-repo-fedora21-7-0-local-7.0-28.x86_64.rpm).

I continued step by step until of the recommended post-installation actions (running the binaries - deviceQuery). deviceQuery failed with a fatal error. I made the mistake of rebooting and found myself in more trouble.

When the system started up again, I got the "Oh no! Something has gone wrong." error. It said I could press enter to logout and try again, but that only led to a black screen.

I then hit control-alt-f2, logged in as root, and issued the following command:

lsmod | grep nouveau

nouveau appeared in the output. If you follow the Fedora instructions for the link I posted, you will see that step 8 of 3.3 says to proceed to the post-installation instructions. The "package manager installation" does not include steps for manually disabling nouveau.

I thought that nouveau might be the problem so I looked at the file /usr/lib/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf. It contained:

# RPM Fusion blacklist for nouveau driver - you need to run as root:
# dracut -f /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img $(uname -r)
# if nouveau is loaded despite this file. 
blacklist nouveau

I followed the advice and issued the following command as root:

dracut -f /boot/initramfs-$(uname -r).img $(uname -r)

Now the entire system is unbootable. I get a kernel panic saying that it can't mount the root fs.

How can I recover from this? How can I prevent this from happening again should I choose to reintall Fedora 21 and start over?