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2018-10-10 21:57:41 -0500 asked a question error after installing nvidia

error after installing nvidia I have a nvidia 960 card . I have 28 workstation gnome . I installed the nvidia drive from

2017-11-17 01:43:34 -0500 asked a question nvidia drivers

I did a clean install of fedora 27 . I install the nvidia driver for the 960 card from rpmfusion . after I did a reboot my computer starts really slow . the mouse starts locking up moving very slow . dose any one know what it could be and how to fix it ?

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2016-06-20 12:15:50 -0500 answered a question can not update fedora 23 mate

this was after a new install . I just download the iso from the web site

2016-06-20 03:38:46 -0500 asked a question can not update fedora 23 mate

I just install mate on a new system . I run dnf update . I get this error . Has any one seen this ? How do I fix it The operation would result in removing the booted kernel: kernel-core-4.2.3-300.fc23.x86_64.

2016-05-29 00:15:44 -0500 asked a question kdenlive installed on fedora 23

I installed kdenlive in fedora 23 gnome , kde , mate , xface . When I frist start it . It wants me to config it . But when I get to the part where the codeact are there no check marks or red x . So I click next next then where it would show where it would find the software like vlc . But there no ckeck mark or where the red x Where is should be . But if I try it on arch , ubuntu . It works just fine ..

2015-05-29 21:20:05 -0500 answered a question Can we run Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio in Fedora?

there is a program called visual studio coder that will let you code c# vb js and all the outer programming you can you look at link text there all so working on 5 for fedora redhat and ubuntu