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2015-05-14 13:21:08 -0500 asked a question Not able to disable IPv6 on Fedora server 21


I am new to Fedora-server21, and its been 3 days that I am not able to start working on it. I have installed fedora21 in Oracle virtualBox, and my host machine is Win 7. The installation went smoothly with no hiccups, but I am not able to see IPv4 on my fedora at all, I have followed many online post to disable, but I couldn't. I did try some suggestion from

But I don't think its helping me by any means. In the above link, there is another link that guide to some check up on the system for IPv6

It ask to execute lsmod | grep ipv6, and see if it show only "ipv6". I did, but I get below

nf_conntrack_ipv6 nf_defrag_ipv6 nf_nat nf_conntrack nf_nat_ipv4,nf_nat_ipv6,ip6tables_nat

and some other menu items similar, but single "ipv6". The link do suggest to blacklist the IPv6 in some file under /etc/modprobe.d

In my machine I could see two files lying under the location

a) lockd.conf b) openfwwf.conf

there is no mention of any specific file name to be edited in the link.

Can somebody help me out to disable Ipv6, and enable IPv4, I need to communicate with my host machine (win 7) to share files to and fro, which I do not think is possible without IPv4 under my situation.

I am more used to redhat 5x, and redhat6x, where I do not see such issues of IPv6 at all. Also a very interesting observation in my /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts path. It has ifcfg-enp0s3, and ifcfg-lo, there is no eth() . Is this is something new in fedora21, or its something having to do just with my machine? the content of ifcfg-enp0s3 is very new to me, which I haven't experienced while working with redhat.