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2018-11-05 10:50:02 -0600 asked a question Monitors won't come back on after wake (but only sometimes!)

Monitors won't come back on after wake (but only sometimes!) I'm running F28 (kernel 4.18.16-200.fc28.x86_64) on a Dell

2017-10-26 14:49:45 -0600 asked a question Problems with a hybrid laptop after 4.13.5-200 kernel (F26)

I have a ThinkPad Yoga 11e running Fedora 26, which is a convertible notebook/tablet device. Prior to a recent kernel update, it worked just fine as a plain laptop, and there was no support for the tablet fcuntionality.

After upgrading to kernel 4.13.5-200, the laptop is no longer usable.

  • There appears to be support for setting the screen orientation based on the accelerometer. Unfortunately, the orientation is 90° out of sync.

  • The device is stuck in "tablet" mode, which means that the keyboard and mouse are disabled. The touch screen works and I can get an on-screen keyboard, but I'd like to use the actual keyboard.

It looks like the screen orientation issue can be solved by a simple patch to the udev hwdb. However, I'm less certain why the device thinks it's in tablet mode. In the kernel logs, I see:

[ 8.875546] thinkpad_acpi: Tablet mode switch found (type: MHKG), currently in laptop mode

...which is exactly what I saw in previous kernels (and in any case would not seem to be the source of getting stuck in tablet mode).

While it would be super awesome to have the laptop/tablet conversion working, I would prefer "just act like a laptop" over "just act like a tablet", because having no functioning keyboard and mouse makes life difficult. Where should I be looking for clues?