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2015-05-07 22:37:36 -0500 commented question Chrome crashes fedora 20

Although it won't appear in the Gnome Software Center, you should still be able to sudo yum remove google-chrome to remove Chrome via Terminal.

A few other things, did you update your system prior to / after installing Chrome? sudo yum update Also, keep in mind SELinux might also be causing problems (check /var/log/audit/audit.log. When installing it on my own system (Fedora 21) I receive alerts for chrome-sandbox.

Having the system crash even when using Firefox points to some bigger issues that I'm not able to help you with. Hopefully someone with more experience can. Best of luck

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Can you post your exact error message when you use yum. (Ex. sudo yum update)

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2015-05-03 12:01:39 -0500 answered a question Mobile data consumption

You can start by looking at what's currently running on and connected to your system. Commands like: ps and top will give you a list of running processes whereas with something like netstat you can see your network connections. Try to determine if a particular program is eating away data in the background. You can also check out System Monitor for both processes and for a view of how much data has gone across your network.

Since you're on a limit you might check out something like NTM - Network Trafficking Monitor as it can monitor and auto-disconnect when a threshold has been reached. [Link: ]

For general browsing, you could potentially try using a browser extension like Adblock Plus to prevent advertisements from running and eating away data.