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2015-07-07 18:24:51 -0500 asked a question thinkpad t530 fedora 22 issues

disk to laud overheat intel hd 4000 don't work properly resolving anybody?

2015-07-04 09:45:24 -0500 commented question When I'm seeing youtube videos or any kind displays crashes, how can I fix that ?

turn of animes on tweak-tool

2015-07-04 08:43:17 -0500 asked a question VIDEO TEARING INTEL I5 HD 4000

pleeease help me i don't know why is that and how to fix it

2015-04-04 10:21:49 -0500 asked a question hdd to laud on my linux fedora

i need fedora please help me

hdd no bed sector no problem in dual boot becouse i install fedora alone ..

in windows work silent

please help me