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2012-03-02 00:36:03 -0500 asked a question ext4 Filesystem check failure... -Fedora 16

I received this error after installing fedora 16 along side with my windows 7 in a dual boot configuration. Because of this, I'm having issues getting into Fedora 16.

The full error is:

ext4 Filesystem check failure on/dev/mapper/vgblackice-lvroot:

Operational error.

Errors like this usually mean there is a problem with the filesystem that will require user interaction to repair. Before restarting installation reboot to rescue mode or another system that allows you to repair the filesystem interactively. Restart installation after you have corrected the problems on the filesystem.

I'm relatively new to the whole linux thing, and don't know how to reboot into Fadora 16, in rescue mode. Nor would I know what to do after I got to rescue mode.

Could some one explain and or help me a little? I'd like to get into the linux community more. I'd like to be able to interact and give back what I already do know as well.