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2012-03-02 08:35:22 -0500 commented question RAID 10 on Fedora 16

If I have a 500mb boot partition do I create a 500mb software raid partition on each drive? Or do I do it as 250mb as using raid 10? Do I do this for all of them like /root and swap, should I still use LVM?

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I have 4 drives which I want to raid 10 with, those guides are hard to understand and follow, am unsure how to make some of the partitions as it doesn't mention how to make all of them, not sure wher to create them and how, I'm familiar with a normal install for one drive but not a raid setup.

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I have provided more information, I dont really have anymore information other than what is there to give.

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2012-03-01 13:41:42 -0500 asked a question RAID 10 on Fedora 16

Could someone help me with a RAID 10 setup on Fedora 16 with disk druid, as trying to do it on a brand new install with 4x 300GB hard drives.

If I chose 1 hard drive at install I can see how this is setup, but I am having difficulty knowing what to change to make it into a software raid, have googled this extensively and tried to understand various guides without any luck, dont follow what there saying as finding them a bit vague on some details.

These are the guides/sites I have looked at in order to try and help myself, I have shortened the urls as they was fairly long.

VolGroup        1144192
    lv_root     51200      /           ext4
    lv_home     229472     /home       ext4
    lv_swap     4992                   swap

    sda1        1                      BIOS Booot
    sda2        500        /boot       ext4
    sda3        285686     VolGroup    physical volume (LVM)

Ideally I would like to be able to take a drive out should it fail and replace it with another and for it all to be ok. I believe this would be possible with raid 10.