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2015-04-01 15:18:31 -0500 commented answer F21 fails to boot reliably with kernels >= 3.18

Hi, ok, thanks for the advice ;-)

So, it's not a solution, but I found something which may help (or not):
- I try to boot normally, doesn't work, retry few more times, always not
- I boot in recovery, everything's ok
- In recovery, I do: "sudo dnf reinstall kernel", confirm, when done, reboot
- boot in normal mode, OK

Every time I did this when it didn't boot, the absolute next time, it always booted correctly.

Could someone try this when normal boot doesn't work ? Does it help someone to understand this a bit more ?

2015-03-30 17:17:40 -0500 answered a question F21 fails to boot reliably with kernels >= 3.18


Does anybody solve this issue ? I have the same problem on multiple machines. Each of them has: SSD, UEFI, Fedora 21 on Btrfs, Kernel 3.19.2 (and since around 18.x). Two are AMD (both classic: FX-8350 and APU: A10-5800K), and one is Intel (i7 Broadwell on 2015 Lenovo X1 Carbon).

Sometimes boot hangs on "Mounting /sysroot", sometimes around populating /dev... Seems random, after a kernel upgrade, the first boot seems good, but after that, it's random.

I ca't get a "good" failing journalctl, cause wrong boot doesn't (seems to) log anything.

Any clue/things I can provide to help ?