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2018-08-09 06:37:25 -0500 answered a question How to setup OpenVPN on Fedora 28?

If you are using GNOME, you go to Settings→Network→VPN and klick the +. After that you’ve got two options: Import from

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2018-07-17 08:05:34 -0500 asked a question Building python PyPI package in copr

Building python PyPI package in copr I want to use copr to package some python packages for Fedora, which are currently

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2015-10-28 06:25:48 -0500 answered a question Alt + space + C shortcut to close a window

Mnemonics (as these access keys are called) have been removed from Gnome with version 3.10. However there are shortcuts you can use. For example try:

  • Alt + F4: Close window
  • Strg + W: Close tab
  • Cmd + H: Minimize
  • Cmd + Up: Maximize
  • Cmd + Down: Restore
2015-10-28 05:46:43 -0500 commented question Tablet calibration freezes computer (Fedora 22)

I can't tell you what exactly the origin of your problem is, but it looks like a bug in Fedora (or another component). To have your problem looked at and eventually fixed by a developer, the way to go is to file a bug report. You can do this at the Be as detailed as possible when describing your problem in your bug report, then there is a good chance it will be fixed quickly. In the Fedora Wiki there is also a more detailed description of how to file a bug report.

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Thanks a lot! That's it :) - You might want to post it as an answer(?)

2015-09-15 15:29:47 -0500 asked a question Access Gnome Boxes VM webserver

I installed a fresh Fedora VM in Gnome Boxes with a webserver reachable under localhost:8080. The VM is accessible from the host via ssh and can be pinged, but I am not able to reach the webserver. Which changes are needed to enable access to the webserver from the host?

Thank you in advance!