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I think you can simply do sudo su - <user>. For that you need to be in the sudoers group, you have to put yourself in /etc/sudoers. Also take take care of the hypen in the su command, without that the login script of the user you are becoming is not executed.

2015-07-03 06:06:49 -0500 commented answer F21 fails to boot reliably with kernels >= 3.18

I could boot on fedora 22 every time without problem, then this morning I updated to kernel 4.0.6 and the issue re-appeared : boot stuck at the very begining. If I boot with kernel 4.0.5 no problem, but with the latest this old problem re-appeared.

2015-04-24 15:51:16 -0500 commented answer F21 fails to boot reliably with kernels >= 3.18

unfortunately the problem is not solved: the boot fails about 50% of the time. When it fails, I try again and it usually works the second time. Problem happened since kernel 3.18. My filesystems are all ext4.

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I had a similar problem: none of the 3.18 kernels would boot while the 3.17 always booted. The boot was stuck very early in the process, after 4 seconds more or less, and like you there was nothing in journalctl for the failed boot.

I updated the BIOS of my Asustek M4A88TD motherboard and now it worked two times in a row with the latest 3.18 kernel. I was using the original BIOS of 2010, so I flashed it with a bios update found on their site (of 2012). Updating the BIOS implies getting a ROM file (delivered in a zip) from asus, putting it on a USB, then get in the BIOS menu and use the EZ-2 flash utility that worked (the procedure described on asus support site did not work).

As a bonus, the sound works back again, since a few days it was broken (it happens sometimes when I upgrade kernels).