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2015-06-07 18:52:46 -0500 commented answer unable to select right screen-resolution in Fedora 22

It sounds like the OP may have already tried understanding is that there is some sort of driver issue where the correct resolution is not showing up in the drop-down menu.

2015-06-07 18:52:32 -0500 asked a question Unable to configure touchpad in F22

I just did a fresh install of the KDE 5 spin of Fedora 22 on my laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad E440). Everything looks great, except that most of the touchpad configuration options are disabled.

In Fedora 21, I was able to use the KDE 4 dialogs to configure my touchpad to my liking, but the same dialogs appear to be disabled in KDE 5 on Fedora 22.

How do I reenable these options on Fedora 22 + KDE 5?

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2015-02-07 14:40:12 -0500 answered a question Remap function keys so they don't require the "Fn" press

As explained in the other answers, the following command will work temporarily:

echo 2 > /sys/module/hid_apple/parameters/fnmode

However, to get this to become permanent (at least on Fedora 21), I had to create a persistent module as explained in the Fedora docs.

First, open a terminal as root, then cd into the /etc/sysconfig/modules/ directory. Then create a new module with:

touch fn_keys_fix.modules

The .modules ending on the filename is necessary here.

Open the file in your favorite editor, for example, nano;

nano fn_keys_fix.modules

And enter the following:

echo 2 > /sys/module/hid_apple/parameters/fnmode

Save the file, and then make it executable:

chmod +x fn_keys_fix.modules

At the next reboot, your F-keys should be used as F-keys.

Note: I did not have success using echo "options hid_apple fnmode=2" > /etc/modprobe.d/50-hid_apple.conf as hinted at above (I don't think that this alone will actually do anything at boot, you'd have to use dracut).