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2016-10-24 01:03:55 -0500 answered a question Totem doesn't play .mkv files by default on fedora 24?

I believe you have to install the mkv codec. You have to install and enable the rpm fusion repositories. A quick google search will take you to the site, it's very easy, you just follow the instructions on the page and its as easy as installing an rpm package. Here is the rpm fusion url.
2016-10-24 01:03:53 -0500 asked a question DevAssistant NodeJs helper error

Hello there, I'm running Fedora 24 Workstation. I want to create a new project using nodejs. However, when running the DevAsssitant I get the following error:

ERROR: Package not found: nodejs-npmconf

I understand that npmconf has been deprecated, so how can I get DevAssistant to ignore this problem and setup a project for me?

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2015-11-09 21:08:58 -0500 edited question DevAssistant PHP Helper Error

Hello there, I've been playing around with the new devassistant and I've encountered a problem with the PHP helper. I've never gotten PHP helper to work quite well but this time it actually worked except for this one error when I access the project with my browser:


You don't have permission to access /Test on this server.

┬┐Can anyone tell me how to get it working?

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