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2017-01-22 09:35:42 -0500 commented answer python - It's better to install packages with dnf or pip?

If one read your answer too late, how can one reset the system python installation from before pip was used?

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2016-12-22 12:34:19 -0500 asked a question Does Fedora package maintainers test packages at all before they are distributed to thousands of people?

There has been several instances where updates has rendered some affected programs unusable and in such a way that anyone simply running it would have discovered it.

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2016-11-28 08:19:54 -0500 asked a question corrupted

Tee above mentioned file seem to be corrupted, which package do I need to update in order fix this?

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2016-06-27 03:05:23 -0500 asked a question Credentials keeps being expired in F24

I have just upgraded my Fedora 23 system to 24, but it seems all the credentials in my online accounts has expired, and it does not matter if I log in with the correct password. If I delete the account, I get an error saying that the credential could not be deleted. It does not help if I try adding the account again, still expired.

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2016-01-26 07:00:06 -0500 commented answer Adding or Removing Icons from the application drawer?

Hi thanks for your post. I tried adding a .desktop file in ~/local/share/applications but no icons appears - what can I do?

2016-01-26 04:53:56 -0500 asked a question Adding menu item to Gnome Shell fails

In Fedora 23, I have added the file ~/.local/share/applications/matlab.desktop with the followeing content:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec="setsid matlab -desktop"

However, no icon appeares in the Activities menu, is there anything else I need to do?

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2014-09-14 15:36:52 -0500 answered a question Online Accounts - Gmail Password Unexpectedly Fails

The latest update from Fedora seems to have fixed the problem.

2014-09-04 07:45:52 -0500 asked a question Duplicate calendar entries in Evolution

Some of the entries I have in my calendar (exhcange) are duplicated in evolution, but does not apear on other devices. Is there any way to stop this bahavior? I have tried logging into a terminal (but not Gnome) and deleting ~/.cache/evolution but this did not work. I have also tried deleting the online account and adding it again, but still of no use.

I am using Fedora 20 fully updated.


2014-08-25 14:16:44 -0500 commented question Frequently no GDM login screen after booting

OP, what kind of laptop are you experiencing this on?

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2014-08-22 06:41:00 -0500 asked a question AMD A6-6310 laptop with Radeon R4 Graphics

I'm trying to set up Fedora 20 (latest kernel) on a laptop with an AMD A6 CPU (see above) and R4 graphics. In Gnome the mouse cursor is distorted with a black rectange apearing beneath.

I have tried installing the AMD Catalyst drivers, but it seems that the R4 is not supported. Any hints as to how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated

2014-08-09 14:57:24 -0500 answered a question Online accounts - Exchange not showing up

For somereason I did not have the evolution-ews package installed. Installing that package solved my problem.