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2016-11-24 04:19:08 -0500 commented question Gnome Software Not Indexing

I need Gnome Software to install codecs and verify that they are indeed installed. Helo. You can try install codecs from CLI :)

2016-11-23 08:58:58 -0500 commented answer How to partition drive

Hello. You can remove the all partitions during installation using the partitioning tool of the installer. If you plan use only Fedora on this computer, i think automated partition scenarios is the best.

2016-03-11 13:11:46 -0500 answered a question First time Fedora user. How to update?

There are a number of ways updates can be installed. Fedora come with a graphical package manager or updates can be installed from the command line. The recommended methods of update are by Yumex or the command line. I prefer a command line. Open up a terminal and become root. Update all packages with command dnf --refresh upgrade

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2015-07-07 12:33:42 -0500 commented answer Is there a list of Nvidia GTX gpus supported by Fedora?

Sorry, but this list is outdated. For example my Nvidia 650GTX card is fully sported by Fedora 22.

2015-06-03 14:04:44 -0500 commented question Fedora 22 not stable

Use Debian 8! Perfect and stable system, suitable for everyday use. Fedora 22 is for the testers....

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2015-01-31 12:21:52 -0500 commented question Chrome crashes fedora 21

I have exactly the same problem in Fedora 20, with Gnome 3.10.

2015-01-30 10:29:05 -0500 commented question Fedora 21 Software Center Problem!

So many bugs in fedora i say goodbay Fedora and hello Netrunner!

2015-01-21 12:08:26 -0500 answered a question I want to know more about bodhi updates

Hi! You can start Here

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2015-01-11 12:45:22 -0500 answered a question I can't believe i have to go so much trouble to watch a video on fedora.

First install RPM fusion and configure it with command as super user in terminal:

su -c 'yum localinstall --nogpgcheck$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm'

Second, update your system with command (as super user):

yum update

Now install codecs:

yum install gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-bad-free-extras gstreamer-plugins-bad-nonfree gstreamer-plugins-ugly gstreamer-ffmpeg gstreamer1-libav gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free-extras gstreamer1-plugins-bad-freeworld gstreamer1-plugins-base-tools updates gstreamer1-plugins-good-extras gstreamer1-plugins-ugly gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free gstreamer1-plugins-good gstreamer1-plugins-base gstreamer1

That is it. You can play most of the file formats..

2015-01-04 12:41:50 -0500 commented question How can I configure my fedora 21 with efi boot?

Hello. You can read this

2015-01-04 12:35:30 -0500 commented answer How do i replace windows xp with fedora 21?

How To Boot From a USB Device 1. Change the BIOS boot order so the USB device option is listed first. 2. Attach the USB device to your computer via any available USB port. 3. Restart your computer. 4. Watch for a Press any key to boot from external device... message. 5. Your computer should now boot from the flash drive or USB based external hard drive.

2015-01-01 12:27:35 -0500 commented answer How do i replace windows xp with fedora 21?

Change the boot order in BIOS so the CD, DVD, or BD drive is listed first. Insert your bootable CD, DVD, or BD in your disc drive. Restart your computer. Also you can read this

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2014-12-14 12:09:20 -0500 answered a question Are we actively trying to dissuade home users from using Fedora?

Remember that developers are people too. The target audience needs to browse the web, listen to music, edit documents, create and manipulate images, too. While the developer workstation is the main target of this system and what we try to design this for, we do of course also welcome other users to the Fedora Workstation. In fact, many of the changes and improvements we expect to implement for developers will be equally beneficial to other user segments. For instance our plans around multi-screen handling and improved terminal functionality should also be highly beneficial to a system administrator. Or the work we are doing to provide a high performance graphics workstation would be useful to people who want a Linux gaming PC. Or a student who just wants a system with a productivity suite to write papers will of course get benefit from the fact that we do ship a good productivity suite. We will welcome feedback and requests from all our users and try to accommodate it, as long as it doesn’t negatively impact our developer target group and we have people available who have the time and ability to work on the requests. Take a look at the target audience

2014-12-12 12:23:50 -0500 commented question What is the difference between GNOME 3.12 and GNOME 3.14?
2014-12-12 09:15:59 -0500 commented answer installing kde on fedora 21

I think the easy way is clean install of Fedora 21 with KDE DE. Here link to KDE spin

2014-12-12 09:11:24 -0500 commented answer installing kde on fedora 21

That leaves the user with all the GNOME stuff still installed, taking up disk space, cluttering the menu, and possibly running unwanted background services (such as Zeitgeist). Getting rid of GNOME after the fact is not straightforward at all.

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2014-11-05 12:36:13 -0500 commented question 1 GB RAM and AMD turion x2 which fedora?

I thing, a good decision for this specifications of your laptop is LXDE desktop environment. Take a look at this spin LXDE

2014-11-02 10:24:24 -0500 commented answer What is desktop environment is used in Fedora 20 Games Spin?

Thank you, skytux.

2014-11-02 09:45:51 -0500 asked a question What is desktop environment is used in Fedora 20 Games Spin?

Sorry for stupid question, but i want to know, what is DE is used in Fedora 20 Games spin?

2014-11-01 13:55:16 -0500 commented answer How to install Compiz on Fedora20 - GNOME

compiz works well in Fedora 20 Mate!

2014-11-01 11:16:33 -0500 commented question i need to instal steam on this but i cant..

You car read this

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2014-10-30 12:06:55 -0500 commented question How to use Kwin as windows manager in XFCE4?

You can read this

2014-09-15 11:21:38 -0500 commented answer Is Fedora a general purpose OS?

I run Fedora 20 on my desktop (production machine). All work very well. I think it is a one of the best choose for every day computing :)

2014-09-06 09:14:02 -0500 commented question Online Accounts - Gmail Password Unexpectedly Fails

I have exactly the same problem. As workaround, i delete gmail account from online accounts, and just manualy add acount in evolution. It solve my problem. I think it is a bug in gnome online accounts....

2014-08-29 09:20:12 -0500 commented question Flash plugin hangs in firefox

Looks like the bug in the Adobe Flash....anyway, Adobe Flash is proprietary software....

2014-08-27 11:08:18 -0500 commented question what is x window?

You can read about x window system here

2014-08-27 10:59:07 -0500 commented question Download manager for Fedora

You can try uget yum install uget

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2014-08-24 11:00:39 -0500 marked best answer How to disable prelink in Fedora 20 KDE

Hello. Today i found, that prelink eats about 100 % my CPU, so i check processes with "top", and found, that it prelink fault, so want to safely disable prelink, or remove it. How i can safely remove prelink? By the way, i use Fedora 20 KDE spin. My machine spec.: Intel(R) Core (TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2,67 GHz, 4 GiB ram memory, Nvidia GTX 650, with opensource drivers, kernel 3.15.10, KDE SC version 4.13.3. remove

2014-08-24 09:29:27 -0500 commented question How to disable prelink in Fedora 20 KDE

Hello, hedayat. I found this article

2014-08-24 09:25:52 -0500 commented answer How to disable prelink in Fedora 20 KDE

Thank you, Sergiomb, for the tip! For now, i turned off prelink with command "chkconfig prelink off" (as root). All work well.

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2014-08-23 08:33:32 -0500 commented answer How to disable prelink in Fedora 20 KDE

Thank you, cobra, for this tips. Today i turned off prelink, reboot machine, and all worked very well. By the way, i did a little research, and found, that prelink eat 100% CPU, when torrent client (qbittorrent) downloading a big file (about 2,5 GiB)....with Ktorrent all work well. Maybe this is bug, or something else. Anyway, thank you for the tips!