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2014-10-30 07:23:02 -0500 commented question Why don't people use their votes in here?

I (someone, who looking for answers) vote up Q&A, which are related to my problems. Luckily, I don't have so many problems to use all my 30 votes :D and I will not vote for something which I don't know what is it.

2014-10-23 12:34:15 -0500 asked a question How to setup charge thresholds for battery?

Hello, I have Lenovo ThinkPad E440 with Fedora 20. I found that for battery lifetime is not optimal to be charged to 100 %, so I found in repository tlp package, which can setup start charge threshold and stop charge threshold. It works only for ThinkPad and it needs acpi_call. So, I found acpi_call here, but I don't know how to compile? And probably there is an error with new kernels (3.5 +).

In more detail, acpi_call is used by Tpacpi-bat (and Tp smapi doesn't work: "If you are installing on a recent Thinkpad that has an Ivy Bridge or newer processor (X230, T430, T530, etc.), tp_smapi will not work. You will be mostly limited to thinkpad-acpi capabilities. You can however set battery charge thresholds with tpacpi-bat.")

Is there some another way without tlp, or someone who know how to run acpi_call?

2014-09-27 13:19:14 -0500 commented answer Cannot play Vidoes in Fedora 20, No support for h264 decoder

Thanks, it helps for me.

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2014-09-25 15:29:11 -0500 commented question Fedora20 behavior is strange after a hdd mounted as /home

Thank you, randomuser. It solves the problem.

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2014-09-25 11:02:52 -0500 asked a question Fedora20 behavior is strange after a hdd mounted as /home

Hello, I installed Fedora20 on ssd disk and then I wanted to move /home on second hard disk. I followed this manual: , but not completely because /home was created as logical volume on ssd. (I mounted in /etc/fstab original home to /home-orig and hdd as /home with copied contend of /home-orig.) Everything seems ok after reboot so I remove logical volume with home from ssd ( > lvremove ).

But some things are working differently now. Google chrome can't display any site or setting, but it seems me that is running ... you can see tabs, but not content). I tried delete chrome's .cache/google-chrome and .config/google-chrome and reinstall chrome. It helps until I logged to my google account. Or, when I try add new user (settings > user > unlock and add) it ends with: Failed to add account running '/usr/sbin/useradd' failed: Child process exited with code 12 And I am afraid of I'll find more such things.

Any suggestions what is different between old and new home? Thanks.

2014-08-26 15:19:46 -0500 commented question Bottom half of touchpad not working- Fedora 20

Hi, same problem with Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E440. There is special touchpad without hw buttons, but whole touchpad is one big button. Now, I find out that the touchpad works well in Fedora 20 live. So, there has to be some "bad" patch/upgrade of synaptics. I downgrade synaptics to old package synaptics 1.7.1 and it works well.

2014-08-13 06:29:33 -0500 commented question nautilus-3.10.1-2.fc20 crashes on fedora 20

I installed nautilus-search-tool (dependency gnome-search-tool) and it solved the problem.