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How to make Fedora 18 / KDE recognize a video DVD

To begin, please understand that this question is not about DVD playback software that may or may not be included in Fedora. I understand and respect the Fedora project's position on that, but it's not relevant to my issue.

I'm running Fedora 18, and although I'm a longtime user and admin of RedHat-family Linuxes, this is my first serious foray into KDE-land. Gnome 3 is a non-starter for me, however, so KDE looks like the best desktop for me available in F18.

The problem I'm having is that when I insert a video DVD, the "Device Notifier" applet recognizes it only as a "Storage Volume", and therefore presents only the actions applicable to a generic volume.

If, however, the same disk is already in the drive (not necessarily mounted) when I start my desktop session, then Device Notifier recognizes it as an "Optical Disk" and presents additional actions as configured for a device of that type. Until I unmount the disk. If I change discs, or even just eject and re-insert the same disc, then Device Notifier returns to seeing only a generic storage volume for the duration of my login session.

I can reliably play DVD videos (e.g. via VLC installed from a third-party repository) regardless of what Device Notifier thinks about them, so it's not the disks themselves. It is annoyingly inconvenient, however, especially for my non-technical users (wife & kids), and the inconsistency is maddening.

In contrast, audio CDs work flawlessly in the same drive. And of course data DVDs work fine. And the same hardware worked fine with Fedora14/Gnome, which it was running until a few days ago.

So, is there something I may be missing? Or can anyone suggest a workaround to get Device Notifier to recognize new DVD video media? Or even a promising place to look for such?