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How do I install a tarball with the checsum? f25

I'm trying to follow these instructions here however I don't exactly understand what I should be doing with the code given.

I've plugged it into the terminal however I get this error

[tbuck@glados ~]$ sudo dnf install sha256sum f7b9e8f5f56b2a52a4fa51e085b8aefe016ab08daf7b4a6ebf3af3464b1d2c29  darktable-2.2.0~rc3.tar.xz Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'user501254-Paper', disabling. Last metadata expiration check: 0:36:38 ago on Mon Dec 12 16:33:57 2016. No package sha256sum available. No package f7b9e8f5f56b2a52a4fa51e085b8aefe016ab08daf7b4a6ebf3af3464b1d2c29 available. No package darktable-2.2.0~rc3.tar.xz available. Error: Unable to find a match.

Thanks for any help you can provide!