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How to check selinux policy version on Fedora?

Hi guys I have a question about listing selinux policies. I can list it, but: In older Fedora versions like 18,17,16 after i typed command

semodule -l

I had output like this:

examplepolicy 1.5.2

And 1.5.2 was version number. In fedora 24 and 25 i got just this:


Or when i type command with 'full' attribute i also got priority numbers :

100 examplepolicy

Is there any way to know that policy version? Maybe with semodule cmd, or other tools. or simply from where those policies are stored (don't know exact location).

And if this is not a place to ask those question, please tell me where should i post it, to get my answer:) Or just delete this topic:)

Sincerely Mushroom