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Wayland, X11 session x server... confused, please help clarify

Please excuse if any of the following seems garbled/nonsense to anyone who fully understands the issues involved. Feel free to set me straight!

While I'm broadly from the school of "if it ain't broke don't fix it", I was very keen to see that Nvidia have finally written an up to date driver and so I have installed it, mostly because it just continues to improve VLC when watching movies (less tear, less dropped frames etc), but also for games. However, since this driver is all rather new, I'm not sure that other online references detailing the configuration are really up to date. Reading around, it seems that if I run

$ nvidia-settings

and click through the various options, the default configuration file it creates ".nvidia-settings-rc" is only applied per session, meaning that if I log out or restart, those configuration settings are not automatically applied. Is this correct under Wayland, or would this only apply if I were to run under an X11 session?

I ask because I am looking at an online resource that gives a detailed explanation and which suggests that I could either:

use a local ~/.xinitrc file to control my session at login, and thus load this .nvdia*-rc file, thus ensuring my chosen configuration is always set. It then goes on to detail how, if there's no local .xinitrc file, it might use a system default in /etc/x11/xinit/ or

run the nvidia settings and 'merge' the chosen config parameters into the x session defaults.

Again, if any of this is already superfluous and has no relevance under Wayland, then should I either:

Not need to worry at all and just leave everything as is if I run under Wayland? or

Only use an x11 session, and thus actually bother setting up these advanced configuration options to ensure I'm always using the optimal settings for my graphics card?

Apologies for the long post ;0)