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How to make GNOME 3 hibernate from timeout using pm-hibernate

I am running Fedora 17 with GNOME 3 as my desktop, and have set up the machine to hibernate after idle for 1 hour. However, instead of switching off the machine appears to be on with the fan running.

When I run pm-hibernate from the command line, I get the expected hibernate behavior. Also, when I run systemctl hibernate the system hibernates correctly.

The KDE4 desktop hibernates correctly after the timeout occurs so I am using this as a work around. However, I would like to switch back to GNOME since I am used to the keyboard shortcuts.

I believe that the mechanism GNOME 3 is using to initiate hibernate is problematic. Where can I manually inspect what GNOME 3 is executing to accomplish the hibernate? And how can I modify it to run pm-hibernate as I do successfully from the command line?