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Fedora 25 high power consumption on Battery


I upgraded to Fedora 25 from Fedora 24 yesterday and suddenly had a double in my power consumption; tlp shows me around 8500mW whereas before it was around 4100mW. This won't effect me at home, but working on the go or in the university gets uncomfortable because now my estimated battery life has gone from about 10hrs (98%) to 4:50(98%). A short research didn't show up any suspicious consumer. PowerTop also shows nothing that differs much from what it showed before.

I'm on an ASUS UX303LN with i7 4510U, a half-size PCI 128GB SSD, screen at 35%. tlp shows powersave mode for the CPU. The dedicated Nvidia Chip is not used atm. For now switched back to 4.8.6 Kernel, but nothing changed. I'm up to date at this time. If you need more specific information please ask.