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F25 beta geforce 9300 hdmi no output

Hi, I'm actually trying to get more eyes on a bug report I filled, there are no answers and I think that maybe it's not posted under the right product-component combination. This is it: I'll describe here again what this is about, I think this should be at least looked at before releasing F25 since having no video output at all looks pretty bad to me, I understand it's old hardware, but no video output is too much. So, the GPU is an integrated nVidia GeForce 9300 on an ITX motherboard, the chipset is Nvidia MCP7A. VGA output works fine, but HDMI does not with F25 beta, after grub loads the kernel a few lines of text are left on the display, then at the point when usually the resolution gets changed the screen goes black, the display reports no signal on hdmi input. "Everything" is fine with F24. I linked in the bug report a few journalctl output, from both a live usb and a normal install on hdd. I don't have any clue about what's going on, the only thing I understand is that nouveau is what should be driving this GPU and its spiting out gibberish, maybe more than usual, so at least I hope someone who understand nouveau can see this bug report. Thanks for your help.