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Having trouble with home partitions.

I was using Kubuntu 16.10 and decided to switch to Fedora 24. I already had a separate home partition with all my files in it. When I installed Fedora, I had it configured for three partition, /dev/sda1 as the root partition, /dev/sda2 as swap and /dev/sda3 as home partition (didn't format it). The installation was successful and Fedora is great, but when I open file manager, my old files do not appear. But when I do mount /dev/sda3 and restart Nautilus, my files come back. When sda3 is not mounted Chrome and some other apps work fine but when I mount it they don't work properly (Chrome's extension files are in the new home partition). How do I fix this?

sudo blkid output and fstab config: