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kde-connect, firewall policies and connection problems

Hi there,

after a few emails exchanges with the developer of the KDE-connect application for Android, I've decided to report here the problem, as suggested.

Put briefly, some weeks ago I reinstalled Fedora 24 KDE after some months of use, set everything up again and immediately noticed that KDE-connect was not working any more. I spent some hours making all possible attempts to get it functional without success, then finally gave up - and ended thinking some update had messed up something.

Reality was actually different. When I reinstalled Fedora (using the latest iso), the kde-connect entry in the Firewall settings -> zones -> services was unmarked by default, contrarily to what happened months before with the first install. I don't think this could be seen as a good choice, since such a change of behavior is practically impossible to reveal - and creates problems. In fact, it was actually a case if I discovered what was preventing kde-connect from working.

Personally, I have no more problems henceforth, since I know the story.. So, just out of curiosity and hoping to help someone else, is my firewall behaving not as expected? Maybe my previous Fedora installation (which was on a USB HDD) somehow prevented firewalld from working, hence kde-connected worked immediately? And finally, assuming this being a bug, should I report it to the official Red Hat Bugzilla? Should this be the case, I'd be glad if some more experienced user could give some advice in order to make a useful, visible report (where, how, etc.).

Thank You all, David