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What is the state of the server version

Since the single Fedora installation was split into Workstation, Server, and Cloud, I was wondering if the installed systems differ in any central point. When I read the Server Proposal Wiki page [0], I expect at least the repositories to be different due to statements like

However, at Fedora 23, we release "Fedora Server 1.0". At this time, we agree to freeze the interfaces and make clear demands on backwards-compatibility. For the remaining life of Fedora Server 1.x, it will be a stable platform (and understood to be extremely conservative with its updates).

Did this really happen? I cannot find any difference regarding the repositories. And I can't find any Fedora Server version number such as "1.0" or "1.1".

Are there any plans to let the installers actually install different systems? Or will it remain as it is (i.e. only different preinstalled packages, etc).